Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thriller Night...

“You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run -
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun…”

It’s been a thriller of a few weeks in the Smith Household. We spent some time with Trevor’s parents again as they descended to the City of Salt for conference weekend and to attend Trevor’s cousin’s wedding. A grand time was had by all. Bailey enjoyed all the attention and it is a shame she is such an underprivileged, unwanted child who never gets any attention normally. Ha! Seriously it was pretty fabulous and helped remind me what is important in life.

Trevor is currently on the hunt for a new job as he joined the ranks of the unemployed last month. All will be well and I am sure that he will get a new job where he is happy and can excel. But, in the meantime we would appreciate happy thoughts and prayers sent out way. I was also fortunate to head up  to Idaho for about a week with my sister, McKenna, where we helped my mom remodel her bedroom while my dad was out of town for work. Welcome new large screen television and cable and even more importantly a second DVR. Sorry dad, but you are very welcome mom.

The weather is changing and we had probably the last nice weekend before the snow and cold descend to this mountainous desert. We took Bailey to Wheeler Farm and saw all the animals and were able to take the absolutely necessary (yes Trevor) picture of her among the pumpkins and hay. She loved it – we all did. So that is what has been happening in Smithtown – we will be in touch soon with some fabulous Halloween pictures. Get excited for Princess BaiLeia, Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Inara. Happy Halloween!

“Cause this is thriller, thriller night -
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike.
You know it's thriller, thriller night…..”


Bailey thought the debates were hilarious!

Movin and Groovin at Grammys.

Beautiful afternoon at Wheeler Farm.

Happy Halloween!