Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Where is the love...."

We hope that everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day and rest of February. Ours was full of mostly fun, doctors appointments and hints of spring weather to come. Bailey continues to play in her playroom and also wants to go outside regardless of the weather. Hopefully Spring will arrive soon and we can have some serious outside playtime. I can't tell if Bailey is really hoping for a change of her play scenery as she makes everything she can into a slide. Stacks of pillows, the stairs, even ramps outside of buildings. It's pretty entertaining and she is definitely a goofball. 

Bailey has also started to sing along with me in the car which will bring fun for all during future road trips. "Let it go, let it go..." Get excited Trevor. Trevor went to the dermatologist and came home with a list of items I needed to pick up for him. After a $100 shopping trip to Target or as Bailey calls it "Red Balls" we were all set. (See photographic evidence of our purchase below)

We also purchased Bailey her very own Elmo potty and will hopefully be actually using it over the next few months. Oh the things I find exciting in my life these days. :) Bring it on potty training.  Work has also been a little crazier for me lately and I found out that I am going to Montreal for almost a week at the end of April for some training. It will be really fun, but I am already mentally preparing myself to be away from the Bailey (and Trevor) for that long.

We are all excited for the Granat family annual St.Patrick's Day party coming up soon in Idaho. Don't worry - Bailey O'Quinn is all set with several outfit options. I know - I have a problem, and supposedly admitting it is the first step, but I don't think I want this problem to be fixed. Ha! We were extremely lucky last night as it was the first time I was thrown up on - in public. Thanks for the memories Bailey. Now after some antibiotics for an ear infection; she will be feeling better in no time. We are sending you all well wishes and hope for a fabulous and lucky March. We will be in touch soon. Keep on rocking in the free world adventurers...

 Bailey got this sweet Batman Drawing Pad/Notebook for Valentine's day along with some awesome fruit-snacks. Also she and I made some heart shaped pink rice crispy treats for her daycare friends. 

Who says girls can't wear Batman attire? Not this mom. :)

Someone might have found my lip-stain...she thought she looked absolutely amazing!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Love is in the Air..."

Kisses From the Bailey!
It's the month of February and that means a few things. One; Football is over and sadness fills our home. Second; it's almost Valentine's Day and that means fun clothes for the B and of course gifts and flowers are arriving daily from Trevor. Hahahahaha! Seriously though, I can't believe that Trevor and I got engaged almost 10 years ago! How time has flown by and how is it we are still so young?

It's been a busy but not terribly exciting month in the Smith household. We are just moving and grooving. Going to work, playing hard when we can and weather permitting getting out of the house as often as possible. Bailey has decided that "play" is one of her favorite words and absolutely loves her playroom. She is getting pretty amazing at building towers using her legos and we think that we might have an architect in the making. She is talking all the time and has graduated to sentences and they usually make sense. She also remembers everything - so I had better watch what I say. Bailey also loves having her picture taken (and being the one taking them) and asks several times a day - "pictures mommy pictures". She is getting better at posing and smiling and making silly faces so that is enjoyable. We also look in the mirror to see how cute we look after we get ready for the day. It's funny, but probably detrimental to her development.

We had a Superbowl party this last weekend and I convinced my parents to come down from Idaho to attend and spend time with us and my brother and his family. I promised that there would be tons of food and that it would be an epic good time. Well I was right about the food, but the game and commercials were not nearly as entertaining. Thank goodness for Bruno Mars. Our spread consisted of; Guacamole, Queso, sliders, meatballs, 7 layer dip, bacon wrapped chicken bites, deviled eggs, ribs, fruit, veggies and more. For dessert we had nutella brownies with nutella frosting and caramel nut brownies and Butterfinger Muddy Buddies and candy. In hindsight it might have been too much food for 6 adults. Oh well. :)


So now back to eating healthier and getting ready for Spring. We will welcome the warmer weather and I am sure that Bailey will be grateful for more fun outside. Currently, as soon as she sees grass she thinks it time to go and play and lay down regardless of the muddy or gross ramifications. Have a great start to your February adventurers. We love you!

She Loves her Batman Toothbrush
How many is too many? What?!

 Someone Loves her Daddy!

Who wants to eat sitting down? Not this one.

Glamour Girls!

Are you ready for some Football?!

Storm Hiding during the Superbowl Party
Quick trip to the vet for her annual checkup

New case for the iPod - wonder why Bailey likes it more now?
Got Bailey's doll BB some sweet new clothes

Best pre-food Kid Plate Ever! Thanks Mimi's.