Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two can be as Fun as One...

It's the greatest number since the number One!

It's happened. The Bailey is now two! I don't quite believe it, but it's true.  Right after Thanksgiving and while we were in Arizona we had a super fun party at the Phoenix Zoo. All of the Arizona cousins and uncles and aunts and grandma and grandpa came and I think most everyone (except for people feeling sick) had a great time. We made monkey hats, had cake and ice cream and even got up close and personal with a few animals and reptiles. The leopard spotted gecko was pretty cool as was the snake, but I think the kids most enjoyed the dangerous and terrifying rabbit. Ha! There was a lot of petting and Bailey even got in on the action. Afterwards the kids all got to ride on the carousel. We even took a train ride around the zoo.  A huge thank you to Janette for helping us get it all set up. I am hoping for a small celebration with some cousins at Christmas time as well. 

Center of Attention

"I'm Two!"

Before the birthday adventure we were able to spend a week in Arizona which was fabulous. On the way down we stayed in Vegas and we might have gambled just a little and come out on top. I think it was a sign of the trip to come. 

Win Big!
I can have a pacifier and a bottle!  I don't have to choose.

The weather was darn near perfect and we spent as much time outside as possible to prepare us for this thing we call winter in the City of Salt. (And boy has it arrived this week) We went to a movie, got our nails painted, had tons of fun with everybody and ate some delicious food. It was great to be able to spend some time with everyone. I even got to see my best friend Betsy, her husband and her cute boys for a few hours. The trip wasn't nearly long enough, but we will travel south again soon. 

Bailey is already growing up too fast. She has always liked lights, but on this trip she was obsessed with all the lights and fans in Trevor's parents house. She wanted to touch them and turn them on and off. She was very persuasive in getting her way - I think we are in trouble. We went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights and she was laughing and running all around. We will have to visit Temple Square and see the lights here now for sure. She is talking all the time and repeating nearly everything she hears. So watch yourselves. My favorite new saying of hers is "Love You". It may be prompted, but I love it just the same. Thank you's and pleases are also finding there way into her vocabulary which makes me quite happy. Thank you for the fun Arizonans, and have a very Merry December and Christmas adventurers.

On the way home...