Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well party people it has finally happened. We are starting a blog. Since we have now joined the parent patrol we apparently have lots to blog about. Also since our recent addition turned out to be pretty attractive we feel the need to share her cuteness with the world. Thanks to large amounts of cash, medication, and prayer (not necessarily in that order) coupled with some serious divine intervention we are happy to announce the arrival of Bailey O'Quinn Smith on November 29, 2011 at 10:26 pm after roughly 22 hours of labor and a subsequent cesarean. Weighing in at 5lbs 14 oz and 18 1/2 inches long with of course a full head of hair she has been a happy addition to our home. 

Needless to say this Christmas was the best ever. It was a pretty quiet affair of just us at our house, but it was great. I am sure that we will be the obnoxious parents who think that Bailey is the most attractive, funniest, smartest and most well behaved child ever to live. Although she probably will be as long as she takes after me (Whitney) ha! So welcome to our wonderful Adventures in Smithtown. More stories and fun to come soon. 

                                                                       Santa Baby

                                                              Bailey the Snowbaby

                                                              Great Stocking Stuffer

                                                      All I Want For Christmas Is You...

                                                            I make this look good...

                                                              Our Little Ladies