Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Let It Go..."

Happy September and soon to be fall adventurers. It's been a crazy few weeks in Smithtown. Trevor started a new job, I am taking on more responsibilities at work and Bailey is officially obsessed with the movie Frozen. There's a good chance if you stop by our house that it's playing in the background or if you are driving in the car with us the soundtrack will be on. So far we are all still enjoying it just not as much as the Bailey. 

We were able to take a quick last minute trip to Arizona to see some of Trevor's family and it was fantastic. Bailey remembered she loves swimming and is obsessed with her cousins. She is still asking pretty much daily - "play with Caleb, play with Lyssa...see Auntie Nettie..." It's adorable and we must spend more time together.

Bailey is growing up too fast and while I love it - It does make me a little sad. She is constantly climbing and her favorite places to hang out are either on top of her car or on a dresser or a counter or a table or her moms head. She climbs up and down and up and down. We think we need to get her into rock climbing because she would love it. 

Bailey continues to be ridiculously excited about Halloween, Thanksgiving, her birthday and Christmas. She has even requested to wear her Halloween and Christmas pajamas already.  Shockingly, (I am sure) I have already bought her Halloween costume (several months ago in fact), her birthday outfit as well as the decorations for her party. What can I say? I'm a planner. Ha! 

Storm also turned 4 recently and she is as loving to us and as mean to anyone else as she can be. We like her a lot and she and Bailey have a ridiculously good time playing together - they really do. They chase eachother through Bailey's tunnel - it's adorable. 

We also had the annual UCRM IVF picnic and it was just as enjoyable and awkward as ever. No one knows eachother, but we are all connected through the fun of infertility. Bailey had so much fun playing with all the kids and is such a diva that she kept her sunglasses on most of the time. Other parents thought she was pretty adorable and funny - so we aren't completely biased, just mostly. 

Salt Lake Comic Con happened again and Trevor had a good time, but lucky for me I was was able to go too and I met Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) and he was delightfully charming. He told me I was beautiful twice - hugged me - kissed my hand and put it to his forehead while he bowed. I mean what?!!! So fun! Needless to say - that crush has been rekindled. 

So as you can see - it's been a crazy time in our household. I am sure the wackiness will continue, but we love it - mostly. :) Have a wonderful rest of your September. See you soon!