Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's meet at the Bailey O'Quinn for a pint!

We hope all you adventurers had a fun filled St. Patrick's Day. We had a great fun Irish weekend. We decided to head up and crash the second annual St. Patrick's party at my parents house in Idaho. It was fun, loud, and very green. The food was delicious and I helped make some seriously amazing Reuben sandwiches. Bailey had a great time with her cousins and was only knocked over once (I think that is a great achievement). Our little Irish Bailey O'Quinn continues to love St. Patrick's day.

There is nothing terribly exciting to share, but we did get some fun pictures, so enjoy. Bailey is ridiculously close to walking - seriously. I feel like I have been saying that for quite a while now, but I think maybe she was just waiting for Spring. We did get her a new toy - a tent that we have filled with plastic balls. Her own private ball pit! She is kind of obsessed with it and it's pretty funny.  Life is pretty fabulous. Happy Easter and Spring!

Green cousin fun!

Very serious conversation with Skipper (my dad)
Fun at the pediatrician's office!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Relax Don't Do It..."

"Easy like Sunday Morning..."
It has been a pretty mellow few weeks in the Smith household. We enjoyed the Oscar fun with my brother and sister-in-law (and ridiculously cute niece). We visited the tax man who gave us much better news than we were expecting, which then led us to buy a few fun movies and things for the Bailey. I might have even purchased something for myself, which those that know me know it does not happen very often.

Trevor's job is still going well and we all hope it continues to. Bailey is soooo close to walking. We are taking her in tomorrow for her 15 month checkup which seems pretty surreal. I hope her head size and height are closer on the charts - ha! She has officially decided she is done with the bumbo - which makes me sad on several levels. I was able to use it longer then most I am sure since she is pretty awesome, but once she realized she can easily escape there was no more containing her. Although maybe I should keep using it and put her in it on the counter and then leave her for a while. That seems like a good idea. Oh wait - that sounds like a terrible idea. I wish they would put some kind of warning directly on the bumbo to let people know that would be a bad idea. Oh they had to?! Huh - I guess there are too many dopey parents out there. No offense. :-) I am not talking about you. Although based on the photos from this blog post - we watch way too much TV - right Kirse. :-)

We are hoping to head up to Idaho soon and see some fun Granat's and not so fun Granat's - just kidding. Have a fabulous beginning of March and St. Patrick's Day - you know that our little Irish Lady Bailey O'Quinn will definitely have some fabulous attire. Spring is coming and I am definitely excited for the warmer weather.Well adventurers, till next time...

Bailey Loves Ellen...
and Sesame Street - maybe she should get closer to the TV...

She is also a climber now - (sorry about the creepy hand)

"Oh this old thing - I only wear this when I don't care how I look..." Oscar Fabulousness!

Storm hiding up high to avoid being attacked

Wall of Photo Fun - Bailey say's hi to herself every morning. It's pretty funny.

Bathtime Beauty!