Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"These boots are made for walking...

...and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you."

That's right adventurers. It happened. Bailey WALKS! So enjoy the following video proof. She even managed with obstacles of toys in her way. She is pretty much a rock-star and is pretty proud of herself.

It has been a great few weeks. Trevor's parents visited for about 36 hours (it was a really quick trip) and in that time Trevor's dad managed to get Bailey to fall in love with Cheetos, but really who could blame her?! They are messy and delicious - two necessities with toddlers right? She also got Trevor's mom to share her ice-cream. Pretty sneaky, but what a smart girl.:-)

I don't know - do you think she likes them?
Could she look happier?!

Other fun (well to me) facts about the last few weeks. She now says "Mama" - which obviously delights me to no end. It's about time I say since she has been saying "Dada" and "Daddy" for quite some time. I guess she finally got around to liking me enough to share the love. Also her first real word was said a few weeks ago with the help of Grandma (Trevor's mom) when she started saying, "pretty." Bailey is now the proud owner of 14 teeth and will use them even when not eating - so look out. She has also become obsessed with belly buttons, her own and other peoples. It's cute enough at home, but awkward when we are out in public and tries to pull up people's shirts. We will start teaching her about personal space and appropriate behavior right away. Ha! This girl also loves jewelry and goes around the house wearing the beaded necklace from St. Patrick's Day. She takes it on and off and says, "Pretty, pretty". She is a pretty funny little lady as well she should be since she is my child.

The dance parties continue in our house and Bailey has a real love of music and dancing. She is such a happy fun child. Trevor and I are doing well and enjoying our little family. Our lives are not very exciting, but they are very full. Happy Spring everyone!

She loves to dance! Watch her shake her groove thing.

Bailey and Storm - Best Friends

Rock-star Glam!

Silly Day at Home

What Goofballs!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"I Said A Hip, Hop..."

...the hippie, the hippie. To the hip hip hop, you don't stop the rock it to the bang-bang, boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat..."

Happy Easter! 

The dress and hat (shocker) courtesy of Grammy Marilyn
We hope that everyone had a fun and Spring weather filled Easter weekend. We had a great time in our household. The Easter Bunny brought some new toys for Bailey and some treats that are mostly for Trevor and I.  She took her official first steps over the last week so we are hoping we can encourage more of that. She is standing more and continues to walk along everything - if we can just convince her to walk unassisted we will be golden. She also does great while holding just one of my hands. I am sure it will happen soon enough and I will regret encouraging her to do it. Ha! She also is starting to play like a big kid - sitting at a Lego table or playing with trains (see below) - it's crazy that she is 16 months old. Time is flying, but we are loving everyday. She does have her 13th tooth coming in - so she is an overachiever in that field.

We recently went to my cousins new house (we are more then a little jealous of their house and phenomenal yard) and Bailey got to play with their fabulous dog Will Rogers. She loves animals - sometimes not as softly as we would like, but we are doing our best to teach her and make sure that Storm also survives her "loves" and "big hugs." So far no scratches or big bites - on either side.

We finally retired her infant car seat and purchased a new toddler car seat. With the new rules she is supposed to continue to be rear facing for a while longer, but she is loving her new car seat. When we do finally turn her around it will be a whole new world for her. With the improved weather we have been out and about a little more and look forward to more adventures in the coming weeks and months. (Before it gets too hot for me and I must stay somewhere air conditioned as much as possible). We are excited that Trevor's parents are coming this weekend and I am sure we will have photos and stories to share soon. Happy Trails!

Bailey meets Will Rogers - they become very fast friends (as you can see)

Moves Like Jagger...

 Mean parents giving Bailey a Lemon.

Happy Girls!