Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Feeling - Hot, Hot, Hot..."

I know we are not alone in the recent crazy heat wave of summer we have had so far and I think we can all agree that it can and should stay away now. I'm okay with sunny and about 80. That I can easily and happily handle, but hotter than that and I get really irritable. Which is apparently not my fault - It's science. As I learned from my sister Kirse; the first sign of heatstroke is irritability . Ha, but seriously though. Thank goodness for air conditioning and cold beverages and popsicles.

It has been another busy and fun filled month in Smithtown. It has involved a couple trips to Idaho, a sleepover with cousins, an 11th wedding anniversary, a first trip to the dentist, and Bailey's first movie theatre experience and more.

Warning this post is going to be pretty picture saturated, but we are pretty photogenic and have been having some fun times that definitely needed to be documented. Stay hydrated and indoors - you know the fair skinned Smith's will.

Idaho Fun - Zoo and Bear World

Bailey had a fun sleepover in Logan while Trevor and I went and saw a couple movies and went out to eat for out 11th Anniversary. 

Happy Anniversary!

 First Dentist Appointment - She Rocked It! 

 Someone Loves her Daddy

 Bailey insists on putting her shoes and clothes on all by herself (when possible). This tends to delay us sometimes, but she is "a big girl and I do it, mommy." Okay, just don't grow up too fast cute girl. 

 Bailey was super sick for about a week and even though she felt terrible she was such a trouper and manages to make being sick look good. She must get that from her mother. ;) 

 This is how we roll most days at home. Pantless, but with shoes. What a goofball! 

First Primary Activity

Taylorsville Dayzz

It was wicked hot, but that helped with minimal lines and often times being a single rider. She loved it. We are planning a trip to Lagoon soon and a possible trip to Disneyland for this girl in the fall for her 4th birthday. 

First Friends (non-family) Birthday Party

 First Movie at a Movie Theatre

Idaho Fun Take 2 - Fourth of July

 Cousin Austin's Monster Birthday Bash

 Grammy's hat parade

After all that playing you have to sleep somewhere....even counters apparently

Bonus Pictures of Cute