Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"All You Need Is Love..."

Happy February adventurers! 

We hope you have had a pleasant and enjoyable month so far. We've been busy of course as always. Work is work and outside of that we have as much fun as possible. We have some fun at work, but really how much fun can one have there?

Thanks to this wackadoo weather we've been having we have been spending lots of time at the park and eating outside. It's February! No snow and while I'm not that sad - I am a bit anxious about what that means for the land of Deseret this summer.

We have been making our own snow with Bailey's new obsession of playdoh. She wants to play with it and talk to anyone who will listen about it (no stranger danger here) and watch YouTube videos of people making things with playdoh. Her favorites are the princess playdoh videos. "What color you want mommy". Silly funny girl. 

Bailey is growing up too fast. She is definitely gettier sassier and continues to amaze us on a daily basis with words and things she can do. She has been working on her jumpshot, mastering the somersault, trying out her negotiating skills daily, ("I don't need dinner, candy...just 3 pieces..." "how about 5 more minutes...no 5 more..."Etc) and showing off her vocal talent. She loves to sing and her current favorite is "I am a child of God". And if hearing a 3 year old singing that song doesn't make you smile-then you have no soul. ;) She has figured out how much I like it and now when she gets in trouble for being naughty she starts to sing it so I won't be as mad. Clever girl. Ha! 

We've also taught Bailey her full name and our little Bailey O'Quinn is definitely looking forward to some Irish St Patrick's Day fun in Idaho for the Granat family annual party.  Speaking of names, Bailey loves to ask people their name - everywhere. Strangers or otherwise. She is quite the outgoing social child. I have no idea where she gets that from. :) 

Medical drama update: I'm still on oxygen at home (at night and as needed) and just finishing another round of antibiotics. Miss Bailey had an ear infection and bronchitis a few weeks ago. Trevor decided it was his turn to get sick since he was feeling just a bit too healthy. But now Smithtown is definitely on an upswing. I hope! The house has been cleaned and lysoled. 

We had a nice Valentine's Day where we stayed home and cooked some yummy food and spent time together. Trevor got his girls treats and flowers and a hilarious card. I got him superhero potatoheads. It was perfect. I can't believe it's been 11 years since we got engaged. How sweet it is...


Every year as long as I can remember; my dad has given me a Valentine and candy. He takes the time to go through the cards which are mostly leftover from our school days and picks one or more. It's something that is so sweet (and funny) that I look forward to every Valentine's Day. I know that my mom plays a huge role in the logistics, and I appreciate and love them both for taking the time to remind me that they love me - even if I am supposedly an adult now.  This year it was a Barbie Valentine. Funny Daddio! 

Have a great rest of your February and may the luck of the Irish be with ye...until next time! 

"I have crazy hair mommy..." Yes you do!