Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Luck Be A Lady..."

We hope that everyone had a lucky and green March. Ours was definitely fun filled. We have had a busy last few weeks. We were able to go up to Idaho to the third annual Granat family St. Patrick's Day Party where my family was all together minus one sister and her family. We managed to have a loud, fun and delicious time filled with quite a bit of dancing. This dancing is what prompted my niece to ask my dad, "What's wrong with your kids?" Ha! Love that girl and I love how much fun I have with my family when we are all together.

We have graduated to a king size bed after nearly 10 years of marriage and Bailey is having tons of fun jumping and rolling all over on it. Some of Bailey's latest antics include running around naked after bath-time, wanting to do EVERYTHING herself ("Me do it!"), wanting to climb into the front seat of the car after we get home and are parked in the garage and of course playing and being outside as much as possible.  She and Trevor have also schemed together to convince her she wants me to do certain things. Examples include getting her dressed, or changing her diaper or putting her to bed. "No, Mommy Do It!" tends to be heard quite often in our household lately.

Bailey also loves to pretend to sleep and wants to snuggle with either Trevor and/or I. This usually happens strangely enough when it's bedtime. She is lovebug most of the time and is pretty sweet - if she somehow manages to hurt someone or sees that someone is hurt she pats their arm or back and says - "it's okay." It's pretty much adorable and I quickly forgive the fact that she just smacked me in the face on purpose

Needless to say the Smith household is well. We are happy and are looking forward to warmer weather and the fun to come. We will keep you posted on our adventures. You do the same.

 Who wore it better?! Ha! (I played the devil in a skit and I nailed it)

 Playing and looking good in the rain!

Oscar Sunday! She is ready for the red carpet!


 Someone is no longer afraid of slides or play structures! Happy Girl!
What a poser!
Why can't I take a bath in clothes?

If one straw is good - two are better for sure.

Saturday playtime with Daddy