Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"I always feel like somebody's watching me..."

Happy almost Halloween Adventurers! Boo!!!!

We are pretty excited for Halloween in our household. Bailey and myself were able to go up to Logan to see McKenna and her kiddos - (and my mom even came) to attend this years annual pumpkin walk. This was our third year going and it was as fun and super cool as its been in the past. It is amazing to see what people can create with pumpkins. The kids of course had a blast. 

Took Lots of Pictures of the Dumb and Dumber Display for Daddy 
"Back to the Future" and "Inside Out" were a couple of the favorites

Bailey and Carter like each other quite a bit. It's adorable

We also managed to find some time to go to a pumpkin patch with the Bailey. It is finally getting cooler, but we have definitely been enjoying the unseasonably warmer weather while we can. 70's and sunny is pretty enjoyable.

We are also super happy that Trevor's parents came up for a quick visit before Janis (my mother in law) had to have double knee replacement surgery in Arizona. Heal fast and feel better and we will see you soon. Trevor has been enjoying his Utah football season tickets - even more now that his dad will be able to attend some games with him. Go Utes! 

Bailey also attended another (boy) friends birthday party where she was one of only a handful of girls in attendance and the only girl not related to the birthday boy. She managed to go on rides with several boys at once and hold hands with one of the boys throughout most of the party. Funny and adorable. 

November is going to be another fun filled month. We are taking Bailey to Disneyland (for her birthday) and I am not sure who is more excited out of our entire household. We are also going to the beach and show her the ocean. Then we will head to Arizona for Thanksgiving and family fun as well as a little pre-birthday celebration. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be 4 soon. How is that possible?!! Anyway - great firsts and celebrations are on the way. We send the best to all of our adventurers. Until next time - enjoy some Halloween attire and silliness. 

She ain't afraid of no ghosts

"I'm making sand angels mommy..."