Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“Let’s give ‘em something to talk about….”

The gift of gab has always been a truly endearing trait of mine – right? Well that Bailey wants to be just like me apparently. She is talking - a lot, and while I am the only one who can translate her supposed baby-babble she is getting closer and closer to saying ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ everyday. She also now has 7 teeth and even though I feared and dreaded it; she is crawling. She is so fast and she is everywhere. Baby gates are up and our house has officially been claimed by Miss Bailey and her toys.  We love it and are embracing the madness –mostly. :-)

We have had a great last few weeks. We went to Idaho for my nephew’s baby blessing and got to spend time with family. I am not sure if Trevor enjoyed the mini road trip with McKenna and her kids from Logan to Idaho Falls, but I was thoroughly entertained ("Rumor has it"). Great food and fun was had by all – even with the fun car issues the morning we tried to head back home. After a short trip to Sears Auto Center, we were able to head back home. 

 Trevor went to Sacramento this past week for work and was gone for a few nights. Bailey obviously missed him and so did I. We celebrated his return by attending the annual patient picnic for the Utah Center of Reproductive Medicine (UCRM). It was pretty fun albeit a bit awkward. No one knew each other, but the kids running around are the result of miracles, faith, and the great work of the doctors, nurses and other staff members. It was pretty funny - we have never seen so many sets of twins (and a couple sets oftriplets) in one place ever.  We saw our doctors and nurses that helped us get our Bailey and while I almost cried, I kept it together and had fun talking with them and showing off our pretty lady.They were happy to see us all, especially with all the drama-rama that we experienced after Bailey’s arrival. We received another updated statement from the hospital and we are now up to $678,000+. Trevor is getting a little worried that we are going to get a huge bill, but I think all will be well. So think happy thoughts for us and our bank account. :-) 

We are definitely ready for fall and cooler weather in Smithtown. We are also getting excited for Bailey's first Halloween - Should be a good time. Have a great rest of September party people. 

The King Tut exhibit at the Idaho Falls Museum

Sleeping Beauty

Friends or Foes?

So many options...

UCRM Picnic - with Mommy

UCRM Picnic - with Daddy