Thursday, April 16, 2015

"My Girl Wants to Party all the Time..."

...Party all the Time.

It has been a busy past month of partying in our household and on visits to other familial households as well. We had a super fun St. Patrick's Day party at my parents house with a most of the Granat's in attendance (minus a very sad Kirse and fam and very pregnant Christy). It was green, yummy, funny, messy and LOUD. Those cousins sure do have fun when they get together. What a bunch of goofballs. The weather cooperated for the most part and we were able to have a dance party and play outside for a large portion of the day.

I was lucky to get a new nephew a couple of weeks ago and Bailey was able to have a sleepover with Miss Esme. My brothers little girl. They had tons of fun and as it was Bailey's first ever cousin sleepover at her house. I was a bit nervous, but if they are as fun and easy as this one was; there will hopefully be many more to come.

Bailey has been able to spend quite a bit of time playing outside since the weather (minus a fun wind and winter storm this week) has been beautiful. She loves going to play at "Auntie Teddy's" house and run up and down the hill. She always gets treats and get to play in makeup - what's not to like?! They also just gave her a singing Elsa doll and she still refuses to "let it go". 

And then it was time for Easter! We were fortunate to spend Easter day with my brother and his family. Bailey dyed Easter eggs and then we had an Easter egg hunt. It was super fun. This year the Easter Bunny brought some glitter princesses whose outfits are interchangeable and some candy for the entire household to enjoy. Bailey was also super excited for her Avengers cup and reminds us often that the Hulk is one of her favorites along with Captain America. Trevor couldn't be prouder that she knows her superheroes. 

Silliness and fun continue in the Smith household of course. Here are a few I was lucky to capture. 


Really Asleep 
Pretending to Sleep

Bailey was wearing her Utah red for the running Utes during March Madness! 

 Have a wonderful Spring Adventurers!