Thursday, May 30, 2013

"If We Took a Holiday..."

We were lucky enough to have a long holiday weekend where we ventured to fun and fabulous Idaho. I know you might not think it, but Idaho is a genuine good time. It does help that my parents and a couple siblings are there to make the seemingly mundane become exciting and new. (Yes that was a love boat reference). Anyway, we had an uneventful trip up there and spent a few days relaxing and chasing Bailey up and down my parents stairs. She had fun with her cousins and was pretty obsessed with my sisters dog and her cousin Austin who is almost a year old. Dogs and babies - who can blame her? We had two family barbeques as we apparently prepared way too much for the first one which then created a need for a second one the following day. We took Bailey to see the geese and ducks and to a park with a spectacular 1000 flag display and a live band playing patriotic and big band style music. One of the favorite outings was to delicious Reed's Dairy where we of course had ice cream. There were also several baby animals out and available for petting. I love animals which most of you know, and I now have a new obsession with a baby cow I have named Pepper. She was probably the cutest cow ever - she was trying to lick and eat my dress, Bailey and I thought it was pretty hilarious. Even my mom thought the cow was cute - and that is saying something. :-)

Bailey loved the open spaces of my parents house and was walking all over. I guess we just need a bigger house with more open spaces. She is talking all the time and she cracks herself and us up all the time. She has mastered our phones and knows how to talk to Siri - (which Siri does not usually understand), but her favorite thing is scroll through our pictures and videos. At 18 months old she knows how to start, stop and replay her favorite videos; which usually are of her. Not sure what that says about her personality. We also just signed her up for "swimming" (water fun) classes so  Olympic training begins next week. Have a great last few weeks until summer officially begins. Let the adventure continue.

Bailey Goats

 Someone is good at convincing Skipper to share his ice-cream. 

 Do you think she is happy?!


This video was taken while driving up to Idaho. One of her favorite toys is a mirror. Apparently she takes after some of her aunties. Ha! It's a little long, but it is pretty enjoyable.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy..."

It's happened... Spring is finally here! We are enjoying the weather before it turns too hot for my fair skin and hot-weather-hating sensibilities. Nothing too exciting to report of course, but things are good. Bailey is walking more and will hopefully be just walking very soon. There are a lot of skirts I want that girl to be able to wear. She is really hindering her clothing selections - she has plenty to choose from of course, but that doesn't seem to stop me from buying more; sorry Trevor. :-) 

This past weekend we took Bailey to a park where she was absolutely petrified of the slide and hated the grass. This girl may enjoy the indoors a little too much. We tried again and had much better success on the slide at the park by our house. We are making progress with the grass as well - at least she isn't crying now when we set her down on it.

Just yesterday Bailey has "Open(ed) the gate and seize(d) the day...". She can now open doors. She is tall enough and apparently smart enough to do it. More kid proofing to be coming I am sure. She also has more teeth than any other kid she knows. She is up to a phenomenal 15 with the 16th almost coming through. She is pretty fun and fabulous. She is trying to talk more, and we are doing our best to understand her. We are looking forward to a trip to Idaho to see some of my family in a couple weeks. Should make for some fun cousin shots and stories. I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day. It was another fun year for me. I love being a mom and am so fortunate that I finally got Miss Bailey. 

I also just realized that it was 10 years ago today that Trevor and I first "connected." It has been a fabulous adventure so far and I can't wait for the continued story. Stay tuned adventures - we are just getting started...

             Slide Torture?                                                                 Slide Fun

Look at all those teeth! What goofballs.

I only wear this when I don't care how I look.
Mother's Day 2013 - Happy Girls

Looking cool Smith's!
Not so sure about this stuff called grass...

 Tickle Torture Fun!