Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Blue Skies Smiling at Me..."

"Nothing but blue skies do I see..."

It has been a fantastic Spring so far and we are all enjoying the fantastic weather. Bailey is now the perfect age for our little playground by our house and she would happily play for hours if I wasn't so mean and made her come home for things like food and naps. :) She no longer fears the slides and loves climbing up high like a big kid.

We have also been lucky to spend time with family. I went up and saw my sister McKenna in Logan and then my other sister Kirse came to Salt Lake and we had a fantastic albeit short time together. I am not sure why I didn't take more pictures while we were together. That will have to be rectified at the Granat family fun this summer. We also got the spend some time with Trevor's parents a few weeks ago which is great since they are leaving on another mission shortly.

In, I am a terrible mother news; Bailey said her first curse last night after an episode of the Mindy Project. I tried not to react or laugh too much after a very loud and determined dammit was repeated after hearing it on the TV. I suppose we have to monitor more closely what we watch now when that smart and observant girl is around. Also, in "My child is brilliant and completely advanced" news - Bailey really is. We were looking at pictures on her ABC blocks and got to V - Trevor asked her what it was and she responded with "Violin" and then when asked what the X word was - responded with "Xylophone". Seriously?! Where are you learning these things? I mean it must be me - so never-mind. Although the way she says umbrella sounds like she isn't sure when the 'ella' is supposed to end or maybe she is a big Rhianna fan. Ha! She is also counting to almost 20 by herself. Seriously - it's crazy. Enough on that. She is still 2 and likes to remind me of that fact often and while she is still super happy and easy, but is occasionally brat-tastic for sure. But I wouldn't change any of it - except for a few less no's from her every now and again.

I am actually headed to Montreal for almost a week for a work conference and while I am sure it will be fun and helpful; I am slightly terrified to be away from the B (and I will miss Trevor too of course). I am sure that the household will survive, but send happy thoughts to us all. Have an amazing end of April adventurers.

"Bailey help Daddy"
Happy Easter!

Too cool?

She shoots she scores!
"I swing mommy!"