Monday, July 29, 2013

"It's All About the Climb..."

Happy almost August adventurers. We hope that everyone is well and staying cool. It has been another busy few weeks in the Smith household. Both Trevor and I had birthdays, we had several overnight guests, a couple birthday parties to attend, a trip to the theatre with my brothers, golf, bowling, and a weekend in Idaho where we saw 'The Wolverine'.  (Highly enjoyable) Never a dull moment with us or the B.

Speaking of the Bailey - she is talking a lot. I started keeping a list of her words and I add to it when she says a new one. She is up to over 40 and is adding to it everyday. Her latest favorites are 'nana' (banana), Elmo, Abby, bubbles, cracker and our new favorite - Bang (as in the tv show Big Bang Theory). I am trying to capture her dancing to the theme song. Lucky for us it's on all day everyday so I am sure I will be able to capture it soon. :)

She also wants to go up and down the stairs like a big kid which is great unless you have somewhere you need to be quickly. She is very careful, but is becoming a dare devil and climbing as much as possible. Which is why I titled this post accordingly. She loves climbing on the couch and even has her spot, but she now has figured out how to get on the ottoman and then to the TV. She will even push it closer to the TV stand if she knows it's too far. She uses her toys like steps to get where she wants to be. Just this past week she figured out how to climb on the toilet and then make her way to the counter, sink and mirror. What a silly girl. Bailey definitely keeps us on our toes. We also decided to switch her car seat around (slightly before the new 2 year guideline), but she was getting a bit tall for rear facing. It is much easier to hand her stuff and see her. Our trip back from Idaho was fantastic.

We hope things are great for all of you. We will be back after a few words from our sponsors.
 (See you soon!) :)

34 and Looking Good! (Or Creepy - I am not sure) Ha!

Bowling and french fries?! Seems like an amazing idea for a Saturday afternoon...

Monday, July 8, 2013

"We are Family..."

What a grand and busy few weeks we have had in the Smith household. It has been so much fun to see and hang out with family. Trevor's parents have been here and my sister Kirse who I don't get to see nearly enough has also been in town. My nieces and nephews are kind of obsessed with Bailey and I cannot blame them. She is pretty fabulous and fun. Speaking of the B - she is growing up way too fast. She is talking more everyday and adds new words to her already (I am sure) impressive vocabulary. She is obsessed with the shows Super Why and Sesame Street and is copying everything she hears and sees. Trevor and I better be on our best behavior from here on out. She is also climbing and into everything. We have had to rearrange our DVDs to get them higher so she can't reach them. She loves taking them out and (sometimes) putting them back in the boxes. Trevor is not even upset about the once alphabetized collection of movies now in complete disaray.

We spent some time in Park City before the fourth with Trevor's parents. Trevor went golfing with his dad the morning of the fourth, while Trevor's mom, Bailey and I went shopping. Bailey definitely does not need more clothes, but I can't help myself. We then had a fabulous time at the Annual Dunnigan (Trevor's family) Fourth of July party. The fireworks, pinatas, and food was great. Bailey wasn't so sure about the fireworks. She was a little scared, but definitely intrigued. She covered her eyes but peeked through one of her hands.

Happy Fourth of July Daddy!
Uh, what?! I am going to be out how late?

I don't want to look, but I have to look...

I was also able to see my best friend Betsy and her cute boys. She lives in Tuscon, but was in town for some of her own family adventures as well. The last few weeks have been crazy, but great. The heat has not been so enjoyable, but it seems to be cooling down a bit - so thank goodness for that. Stay inside and near air conditioning. I am sure the rest of the month will be amazing. We are looking forward to more family excitement this weekend. So be on the lookout for more Adventures in Smithtown.

Fun with the Crofts!

Matching Jammies! Slumber Party!
Cousin Fun!

Contemplative Bailey
What a Goofball!

Bailey wasn't so sure about the glass floor. She is fine with glass ceilings - (well breaking them of course,) but this was different.

Hat Switch-up. What Posers. :)

Sisters - 3 out of 4. Not too shabby.

I wonder if Bailey Likes Storm?
Utah Pride

Perhaps giving her a bag of cheerios was a mistake. Ha!

Don't Worry - She Got Out!
This child loves Sesame Street - just a little.

Relaxing with Daddy after a crazy few weeks