Friday, November 21, 2014

"Baby it's cold outside..."

The weather has finally gotten cold and the snow is coming. We've had an amazingly beautiful and warm fall but we are ready for Thanksgiving, Bailey's third birthday and Christmas. Bailey is really excited for presents and the snow although not necessarily in that order. It's going to be another busy crazy month in the Smithtown household. 

Halloween was fantastic and Bailey really wowed with her Amelia Earhart costume. Now plans can begin for next years costume. I have a few ideas. 😃

I was also fortunate to be able to go and spend some time with my sister McKenna and help welcome her newest arrival Miss Monroe. She's amazing and I love being an Auntie. I had fun taking Bailey, Elise and Carter to the pumpkin walk and playing with them in the leaves even if they did all gang up on me and cover me in leaves.

Trevor also managed to fly down to Arizona for a quick weekend of football and fun with some of his brothers. Bailey and I spent the weekend with "Auntie Chaela" (who is responsible for Trevor and I meeting). She was a huge help to me as I helped put on an activity for my church. 

Bailey continues to be pretty funny and although we are probably a bit biased she is seriously wicked smart and can now spell her name (when she's in the mood to). Nearly everyday she says something or uses a word we didn't know she knew. One of her favorite phrases as of late is "I can't want to..." As in "I can't want to go to bed...I can't want to get dressed...I can't want to clean up..." We are pretty lucky with the one we got. She is constantly making us laugh. 


November picnic what?!! 

B managed to take a header while at her babysitter's this week - she's pretty tough and apparently didn't even cry. 

We also went to a fun "Santa comes to City Creek" event last night. Bailey got a free Ariel from the Disney store (for being cute - the employees words not mine) and got to hang out with her cousin Esmé. It was super fun and magical. Stay tuned adventurers for the fun happenings over the next few weeks.