Thursday, March 12, 2015

"It's been a long time coming...

...But a change is gonna come..."

It has been a month of changes. 

Weather, pull-ups, diapers, time, and lastly my hair. It happened. I chopped it off and dyed it (for the first time ever) red. I love it so much and I am definitely feeling a bit sassier. Everyone seems to love it other than my mom who feels that I've destroyed "your one beauty" (Little Women). Oh well - it will grow back so don't hate too hard mom. I donated the 12+ inch long braid and hopefully my hair will bring others joy. It was definitely feeling like a heavy quilt of hair; quite pretty sure; but too much of it. 



I am now feeling fun and ready for spring. We sprang forward and I don't know how one little hour can cause such chaos and horror, but it has. Ever since the time change Bailey thinks she and I are supposed to play for at least an hour in the middle of the night. She also doesn't want to go to sleep. So it's a real win win going on in our house at the moment. 

Oscar Sunday Attire: Sequins and Faux Fur of Course. 

Weather. Utah weather is always a bit bizarro, but this month has been particularly confusing. We finally got some snow, much to Baileys joy, then sunny 65+ degrees, cold again and then more wind and rain. Make up your mind. My wardrobe can't take it. :) 

Potty training continues. I don't know how any parent has ever done this. It's the worst. I think we are close to completion, but I don't want to jinx it. 

We are headed to Idaho this weekend for some Granat Irish fun. St. Patrick's Day celebration fun here we come. I am pleasantly surprised to find out I have an actual (rather then hoped for) Irish background then previously known. Thanks goodness for my little Bailey O'Quinn. This information is thanks to the dna tests my parents received from my aunt and uncle for Christmas. Super cool! 
So a family party celebrating St Patrick isn't that off the mark or the Blarney Stone. 

Have a wonderful rest of March adventurers. May the luck of the Irish be with ye.