Tuesday, June 18, 2013

She's Got Skills - They're Multiplying...

It's be a fun and busy couple of weeks. We have been busy chasing the even more mobile and adventurous Bailey around. We got a new car...well, one for Bailey and she is obsessed with it! She will climb inside and honk her horn and loves getting in and out of it, almost as much as going for a drive outside. We also started her in swimming lessons. Well lessons is a pretty loose interpretation of what it actually is - which is getting her used to the water and splashing fun. Both Trevor and I go with her and it's a pretty good time for all of us. 

Bailey is officially in Nursery which means she is now 18 months old. For my non-Mormon friends - this basically means that I can go to my Sunday School class without her and she gets to play and sing with other kids. It has totally changed our church experience. I forgot what it was like to sit through a whole lesson. Ha! She is in the 75% for height and 50% for weight and her head size is about 90% (She has a big brain I am sure). She is healthy and doing great. She is adding new words to her vocabulary all the time and I think my new favorite is 'breakfast.' I also enjoy when she says 'bath,' which she will usually say over and over again until I fill up the tub. Trevor and I have now started spelling when talking to each other to avoid any tiny tantrums and believe me they are starting. (only a little - she is still pretty happy and ridiculously easy about 98% of the time).

I brought Bailey to the U to visit my work; The Marriott Library. It was fun to show her off. She even got some work done. Check out the photos. We also got to see Janette and Ken for about 2 hours and are looking forward to Trevor's parents visiting later this week. My sister is headed this way soon as well and we are extremely excited for all the family fun. The Smith Bed and Breakfast is now accepting reservations, although we are pretty booked up for the next few weeks. 

 We had a fun Father's Day this past weekend. Bailey and I put together a basket of some of Trevor's favorite things and spoiled him all day. Trevor and I did have to speak in church, but it was mostly fun for us as we talked about how great our dads are.

Other silly fun had with the Bailey O - Possible future gymnast, sitting in a bowl, torturing Storm and I think she might have a drinking problem. Have a great rest of June and keep the air conditioners running...