Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head..."

It has been a very rainy last few weeks in the City of Salt and we have been enjoying every moment. The Oregon in Bailey is obvious with her great love of the rain and overcast skies. She loves to jump in "muddy puddles" (thanks Peppa Pig) and play in the rain as much as possible.

 This is like Andy Dufresne when he finally escapes from Shawshank. (Ha)

We have had a few days of beautiful spring weather and were lucky enough to take advantage of those as well. Bailey got to go on her first pony ride - which she loved and is still asking when she can go riding again. If the weather lets up, we just might go again.

It was also Mother's Day and Bailey is now old enough to sing some cute songs about mothers at church - in front of the congregation along with the other children. "Mother I love you, Mother I do..."I may have recorded her in church. It was a fun moment that I have waited for and I look forward to some loud singing from my girl in the future.

I was also able to see my parents for a few while my dad was in town for work and even managed to attend the Salt Lake Children's Chorus concert with them and my aunt and uncle. It brought back flashbacks of being in the Rogue Valley Children's Chorus. Good times. I also went up to Logan for a day to see McKenna and for Bailey to play with her cousins. Bailey loves her cousins and asks daily when she gets to play with any and all of them. I also got to go to dinner and a movie with McKenna for her birthday and it was of course super fun.

Never a dull or quiet moment for Smithtown: 

Is there anything on my face? (How did she get chocolate by her eye?)

She's so fancy...

May the Fourth Be With You: 

Take a picture of me mom! 

Wearing Daddy's Glasses

 Memorial Day 

I can't believe it's almost June. This Spring has flown by and I'm sure the summer will do the same. I am just hoping it isn't too miserably hot. I am sure the Smithtown adventures will continue. Stay tuned for fun happenings.