Friday, August 1, 2014

"...I've Got All My Sisters (and Brothers) With Me..."

We are family!

It has been a crazy, busy, loud, and fabulous last few weeks. First up we had the Granat Family Jamboree and it was highly enjoyable to be all together. I genuinely enjoy my parents, siblings and in-laws quite a lot and my nieces and nephews are a fantastic bunch of goofballs. Bailey is obsessed with her cousins and continues to ask daily, "Play with cousins?" Thank goodness we have one quite close so she doesn't get too sad being away from her cousins (on both sides).

Trevor and I each had a birthday this past month and I don't mind getting older, but I have now moved up to the next age bracket when filling out surveys and I don't know how I feel about that. We are enjoying these last few weeks of summer and trying to stay cool. Bailey does it by watching the Curious George Christmas movie and reading books about fall and winter. She's a silly and funny girl. One of her new favorite phrases in "That's a great idea." She also has been adding the word "crazy" to things - such as "It's crazy bright out here..." or "Let's do a crazy dance..." etc. She is also singing a lot more and slightly off key which is pretty funny and adorable. She sings with such enthusiasm and mumbles the words she isn't sure of. She also likes to be the only one singing sometimes. She tells me "No singing mommy..." pretty frequently and I usually laugh and keep singing anyway. Bailey is 2 and not entirely the boss of me. Ha. Have a great end of Summer adventurers!