Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Summer Days Drifting Away..."

It's happened again. Time really does fly when you are busy and having fun. The summer is nearly over and what a crazy couple of months we have had. It's been all about family fun and lots of celebrating. Trevor and I each celebrated a birthday and are finally in our 30's - ha! Bailey has become a bit obsessed with birthdays and "how old are you" which she is constantly asking. Sorry in advance. She wants to know whose birthday is next and then next and so on. To say she is mildly excited for her own birthday would be a huge understatement. 

Bailey also graduated from her toddler bed to a big girl bed. Her room is still a work in progress, but I am definitely enjoying the new color scheme and theme as is she. She loves her pink bed and room and wants to be in there all the time. I now only want to cry sometimes with my baby girl getting so big and grown up. 

This girl has already mastered the selfie. Found these gems on my phone

We also managed to fit in a family trip to Lagoon. This was partially in preparation for our now booked (yes!) Disneyland adventure in November for Bailey's (4th) birthday. We are all pretty excited for that upcoming magical adventure. She loves rides and I am sure she is going to love the magic of Disneyland and California Adventure. How could you not?!

Trevor's sister and family came up from Arizona to play and cool down, It was slightly cooler up here, but still pretty miserably hot for my tastes, but we still manages to have some fun in the sun and in air conditioned places. We spent time at the "This is the Place" Heritage State park, the aquarium, and the zoo. The adults even managed to sneak away to see Ant-Man. 

She might be a gamer like her daddy

                                  Hold all my calls....

We also had a Granat family reunion which included a trip to Downata Hot Springs, a private screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, a trip to the diner and a day spent in the pool and sun at my sister Lauren's house. It began earlier in the week with the"Annual Grandparent Trip" where the oldest cousins get some one on one time with Grammy and Skipper (my parents) and get to go on cool trips. This year they did Utah which doesn't sound terribly exciting, but was super fun as I got to tag along on a day my dad had to miss due to a work conflict. I got to hang out with my fabulous nieces and nephew on the Heber Creeper Railroad Adventure. 


 After returning home to the City of Salt after all the reunion fun I spent some more fun time with my sister Kirse and family while they were still visiting from Washington. 

Up next is September and fall. School is back in session and I am excited for the cooler weather shift that is bound to come our way soon. We are also beyond excited for Trevor's parents return from this most recent mission to Albania. We are really hoping they stay in the country for a while. Bailey is pretty excited for Halloween and we might already be wearing our Halloween pajamas and watching Halloween shows. I'm - uh...I mean Bailey is excited for her costume this year and you should be too. :)  

So Happy Fall adventurers. I will promise not to be so delinquent in my Smithtown updates and happenings.