Friday, April 7, 2017

"Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes Me Happy...."

Springtime in Utah is always an adventure. Much like the Smithtown household. 

Bailey is still loving Preschool and continues to rule the school. She has playdates as often as possible and I am really happy for the great friends she has made. She rocked pajama day at school and we have even started planning our Halloween attire. I know I am a bit crazy, but it definitely takes time to help Bailey realize what she wants to be for Halloween. ;) Haha. I'm the worst, but I can only help her decide for another year or two before her opinions get even stronger and louder. I'll enjoy it while I can. 

We had some real mommy daughter fun when she got her first manicure and pedicure recently. We will definitely be doing that again. We have also been enjoying the beautiful weather and flowers a lot and enjoying spending time outside. 

Sticker Pox 2017

We also made it to the zoo to see on of my college roommates and her cute family. The weather was perfect and we will enjoy the temperature until it gets much to hot for me to be outside for longer than 5 minutes at a time. 

 Fancy Hairstyles

Easter Here We Come!