Thursday, August 31, 2017

"You went to school to learn girl..."

"...Things you never never knew before...A B C - it's easy as 1 2 3..."

It happened adventurers. Bailey started Kindergarten.

We had hoped she was going to be in all day kindergarten, but apparently she is too smart and advanced for it and will only be going half day. This would have been awesome for multiple reasons. One she would have loved it. Second, both Trevor and I work and it would have been awesome with our schedules. Third, Bailey's daycare lady who we loved recently moved and we wouldn't have had to find child care. But luckily Trevor is now working from home and can pick her up the days I am at work. It's working out great so far and Bailey loves her teacher and her class. She did inform us that she won't learn anything this year. "I already know everything and you don't start learning until first grade..". Funny and probably true smart girl. 

This little goofball! 

Before school started they had a back to school carnival and Bailey had a blast. There were bouncy slides and castles and carnival games and they even gave her a cute pink backpack. I have been asked to be a community council member for her school and help with the PTA. Should be fun and I am looking forward to being involved in her school.

We also got to see the solar eclipse and Bailey thought it was beyond cool. She was super bummed when it was over and I tried to explain to her it would be a long time before she would see anything like that again. In retrospect, if I had realized how cool it was going to be we should have gone to Idaho to see it. But what we did see was pretty remarkable.

We managed to fit in another trip to the dentist where we learned that Bailey had 4 loose teeth and not just the one that I knew about, but happily she had no cavities - so that was great. This girl loves candy and gum and always manages to find it or convince people to give it to her. Also, to celebrate the start of her academic career we went to Build-A-Bear and Bailey picked out a Poppy troll to commemorate the occasion. She was in heaven.

Another big first happened as well. Something that not even I have done. Bailey went to her first Utah football game with Trevor. She was ridiculously excited and had so much fun. She also looked particularly cute. Trevor is teaching her young.

Here's hoping our September is maybe a bit more mellow than the past couple weeks have been.

Friday, August 18, 2017

"Summer, Summer, Summertime...Time to Sit Back and Unwind..."

August is here and the heat has decided to stay around. We are doing our best to stay cool with pretending it's Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas. Bailey and I have been wrapping up her toys and then I "wake" her up because it's Christmas morning. Sometimes I even sneak a few surprises in - like new Christmas jammies and an occasional shopkin. Bailey is definitely Marilyn's (my moms) granddaughter - She loves holidays - especially Christmas.

We have also spent some time (indoors escaping the heat) at a friend of Bailey's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We also went bowling and even played outside quite a bit much to my chagrin. ;)

My birthday fun continued when my friend Tracy gave me an amazing Keanu Reeves pillow which had been stuck in customs for weeks and an amazing drawing she did of me. I have great friends and am a really lucky girl.

We have some big milestones on the horizon for Smithtown. Bailey is starting Kindergarten soon and I can barely believe it. How did that happen? How did the time go by so fast? I try not to be too sad and just enjoy all these milestones with our little miracle. So get excited for more adventures to come.