Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"We did the Mash...

We did the Monster Mash..."

Happy October and Fall adventurers. We hope that you are great and are getting your costumes ready and enjoying the lovely cooler weather.

Things in the Smith household have been busy as usual. Trevor's parents came for a short visit and hung out with us as much as they could and it was great. They brought Bailey a new little doll with a pacifier that she is now obsessed with; both the doll and the doll's pacifier. It's adorable. They were up here for the semi-annual Thailand mission reunion and had a wonderful time seeing their missionaries. We also have another new niece that we cannot wait to meet. Welcome Hadleigh!

Someone Save me from the Car Wash!
Bailey is reading letters everywhere and it's amazing. We are currently working on colors and getting her to use more than one or two word phrases. I think our current favorite phrase is "Get You" which she likes to use when chasing you. Creepy or funny, I am not sure. I know that she got it from me as she loves being chased up the stairs. I better start watching what I say unless I want her to repeat it. We also recently discovered that Bailey is terrified of car washes. We are terrible parents and just laughed at her dramatic behavior and of course took pictures as well.

She Survived - Barely!

She is loving our Halloween decorations and in particular she says hello to our light up ghosts every morning and gives them "loves". It's hilarious and pretty sweet. She also thinks the Halloween lights are "pretty" and likes to tell me often - "Look, pretty..." I love that she is talking more and much of the time we can figure out what she is trying to tell us.

We also attended the annual Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine IVF patient picnic a few weeks ago, and it wasn't awkward at all. Ha! Seriously, everyone there is so happy with their kid, or kids, but since no one knows any one but the doctors and nurses there is not a lot of interaction among the parents. That's fine. We are just there to say hello, thank you and show off the fun and fabulous Miss B. I mean right?!

Freedom! (at the UCRM picnic)

And she keeps on running, running, and running running...

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

This doesn't look dangerous at all!
Daddy Daughter Videogame Fun!
I'm Batman!

Um, can I help you with something?

We hope that you are all doing great. We can't wait for Halloween. Bailey has a spectacular costume planned and while I am sure I am more excited about it then she is, she will have fun I am sure. Have a festive next few weeks until we see you again and keep on rocking!