Sunday, April 15, 2012

Movin' on up...

It has been an eventful last couple weeks...

Bailey has finally made the big move to her crib and she is loving it. So are we - especially Trevor. We continue to be spoiled with her sleeping through the night. 

She insists on rolling over and while we are happy and excited for her to be 'movin on up', it is so much easier when she stays where you put her. So we will discourage crawling as long as we can. :-)

I am now working from home and even went in this past week for a couple meetings. It was great to see people and it seemed absolutely normal to be there even though I have been out for the past four months. 

We hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend last week! Bailey's first Easter was pretty fun, even though she did not seem to want to color eggs this year. Maybe next year. The Easter Bunny kindly delivered some new pacifiers and future snack food.

Happy Spring everyone!

It's exhausting being this adorable!
Welcome Spring!
Happy 1st Easter!
Surprise cold-weather day, thanks for the fabulous coat Auntie Janette!
"Don't mind me and my beautiful blue eyes"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stationery card

Her Monogram Birth Announcement
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun, Flirty, and Four Months Old!

So Bailey is four months old now and already quite the rock star. To celebrate, I finally got my last drainage tube out! I am almost all healed and things are very exciting. We had a fun St. Patrick's Day with our Irish lady. Bailey is amazing (of course) and we are so happy for our miracle baby everyday. For anyone keeping track - we are up to about $300,000 in medical charges! But thanks to my fantastic benefits, we will only be paying a fraction of that. Thank goodness for health insurance! 
Have an amazing week everyone. 

We'll meet you down at the Bailey O'Quinn for a pint!
Happy Girl
Possibly a bad rattle choice? It is child proofed at least - and she is so happy. 
This hand is delicious!
I make sleeping look good.