Wednesday, September 18, 2013

These are a few of her favorite things....

Bailey loves "playing" with Storm and the fact that Storm runs away from her; makes the chasing and
playing even better. Sometimes I will hear her laughing in the hallway and she and Storm are both laying down and batting at each other. Thank goodness that Storm has decided to play along for the most part.
Which leads us to Mommy's phone. Well, I have decided that I am a bad mother, but I think I am okay with that. For several months now she has been able to unlock my phone and go to whichever app she wants. Generally it is the PBS app, paint sparkles, or pictures and videos of herself, (should I be worried that she is going to be narcissistic), but sometimes she and Siri try to have conversations. It's pretty fun which is why it continues. If you ever receive an odd text or email from me, it is just Bailey saying hello. She never wants Trevor's phone as he was much smarter than I and never added any kid apps.

And last on the list: Light switches. She loves them and as "light" was one of her first real words it
makes sense. Now that she can reach them - with the aid of a box and now a step stool she is constantly turning them on and off. She is getting to be such a big kid and it's freaking me out. She loves walking down the stairs like a big kid and we have only had one mishap in regards to that. I know that parents are crazy and are constantly telling stories that most of us know are lies, but this is the truth - I promise and I have several witnesses.:)  So basically my 21 month old is reading. Ha! Not quite, but thanks to amazing parents (ha) and Super Why and her babysitter she is recognizing letters. I think this is amazing. She did it for the first time that I really noticed this weekend in Logan at my sisters house and then yesterday she read the letters of her name from the sign in her bedroom. Pretty sweet right?!

And now onto Trevor and myself. Things are busy as usual and it has been a zany few weeks. Trevor went to Salt Lake's Comic Con and met some fun celebrities (Dean Cain - sigh) and had a great time that he will talk about on our Granat family blog.

He also flew to Arizona to attend a Cardinals vs. Lions game with his brother and was able to hang out with his family. Someone is  happy it's football season. While he was in Arizona; I decided to head up to Logan to hang out with McKenna and it was super fun. You are never too old for a sleepover - especially if it's with your sister. Bailey had so much fun with her cousins and is getting better and better and remembering and saying everyone's name. She does however continue to say "Bye Bye Skipper" all the time - to everyone. Getting to see Grammy and Skipper for a few was an added bonus. She is a goofball and we are grateful for her everyday. This is a long post - who knew so much was going on in the last few weeks?! It will be October before we know it. Bring on the Fall weather and Fall attire. Until then adventurer's - keep adventuring.

Go Utes!

Yup, Mother of the year award should be arriving soon.
With Bailey's climbing skills increasing dramatically - Up went the stools much to Storm's enjoyment
Cool lady!
Notice the only posers are Bailey and Elise - McKenna, we must be doing something right. Ha!

I'm a Big Kid Now! She climbed on by herself.
Sisters, there were never such devoted Sisters...