Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Dashing Through the Snow..."

Happy New Year adventurers! 

We had a great December and 2015 has already been pretty memorable and crazy. We had a very merry Christmas and were lucky enough to go to Idaho for a much wished for White Christmas.


Bailey was so excited for Santa (and asked to go see him daily) and to see her cousins and Grammy and Skipper. It was so fun to see the magic of Christmas through her eyes. Her Christmas list without any prodding from myself and Trevor included  Batman Legos and dress ups. Her wishes (and then some) were fulfilled. 

We had a wonderful time with everyone and besides most of the adults getting sick a good time was had by all. 

When we got home I was feeling pretty sick and as I had had a pneumonia just before we ventured to Idaho - figured I should probably get my cough and low oxygen levels checked out. Okay, I didn't really want to get it checked out, but Trevor may have insisted upon it. So after a quick trip to my Pulomary doctor I was admitted to the hospital with another new and worse pneumonia coupled with some other infections. Yay! I'm such an overachiever. 

I was discharged a few days later on oxygen (and antibiotics) which I am continuing to "enjoy". I have been able to reduce the use of the oxygen to full time at home and at night, but less throughout the day as long as I have a travel tank with me and monitor my oxygen levels. Total win I think. ;) 

Bailey is still as funny and crazy as ever. She has full conversations with us and tells us about her day and the games she plays at her babysitters house. She has also now graduated to a "sunbeam" at our church. This means she doesn't just play at church. She is grown up enough to go to a Sunday school type class. She is loving it! And when she sings the song I about die. ("Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam a SUNBEAM!") Bailey is constantly reminding me lately that "I'm a big girl mommy." I tell her that big girls use the potty and then she just laughs at me. We will get there. Maybe this is the week. Wish me luck! 

We are so grateful for this year and know it's going to be a wonderful and eventful year. Stay tuned for our adventures.