Friday, October 6, 2017

"There's a little black spot on the sun today..."

"...But it's my destiny to be the queen of pain..."

*Full disclosure - this is going to be a really long post*

Possibly a little bit of a depressing lyric, but it's definitely been a rough couple weeks in Smithtown. Little Miss Bailey decided she didn't need her ruptured appendix anymore and had to have emergency  surgery at Primary Children's Hospital. Here is how it all went down: Bailey woke up sick with a stomach ache on Monday but didn't say it hurt anywhere specifically she then proceeded to have fevers and vomiting on and off over the next 36 hours and was just not herself. She has been a pretty healthy kiddo and usually bounces back quickly from things. She barely moved in almost 2 days and we knew something was wrong. We took her to instacare thinking it might be the flu. They weren't sure what it was but also thought it was probably the flu, but were concerned since she hadn't eaten in days and she was a little dehydrated. They suggested we go to the ER and have them run a few more tests and give her fluids, but we could wait another couple days. We decided not to wait and rushed right over to the ER of Primary Children's Hospital. 

They got us back quickly (around 7pm) and started examining Bailey. They ordered numerous blood tests and ultrasounds and X-rays to figure out what was happening. They weren't sure if it was a bowel blockage or appendix or worse. Her blood counts were really bad and they decided to put a GN tube in and suction out her stomach as it was really distended and they thought it might help. It was really hard to watch Bailey go through all of this. I just wanted to do it for her and help take her pain away, but I knew she was in amazing capable hands. Bailey was such a trooper and was as cooperative as a 5 year old in this situation could possibly be.

We kept laughing at the IVF maintenance - apparently it's required every 5 years with an IVF baby. Hahahaha

After it was confirmed it was her appendix they couldn't tell from the images if it had ruptured yet, but we were told we would probably have surgery first thing in the morning. It was about 2am at this point and she was admitted to the hospital and taken to our room in the surgical unit. We tried to sleep a little in the room, but both Trevor and I barely slept that night. She was taken back for surgery around 7am and her doctors (Dr Skaife) and nurses and anesthesiologist were super nice. We mentioned that she had a super loose tooth and if it needed to come out it could. They promised they would take excellent care of her.

Waiting Room Faces

Trevor and I headed to the surgical waiting room. As long as their weren't complications it would be a fairly quick surgery of less then an hour. Everything went great, but it had ruptured so that meant we would definitely be staying in the hospital for several days so they could monitor her. They were also able to fix her umbilical hernia she has had since she was tiny - so it was two surgeries for the price of one. Apparently we are lucky. :) When we went to see her in recovery she seemed much more herself and told us she still wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She also did lose that loose tooth. The surgeon put her tooth in a specimen jar with a dollar. Ha! Adorable! 

Trevor ran home to do a little work and to get some things I needed from home and unfortunately Bailey and I had a rough day at the hospital. They told me that with the young "appy kids" they can have a bit of a yo-yo. They have hours where they feel great and then 20 minutes later they are spiking a 103 degree fever and throwing up. Which is exactly what happened to poor little B. We had to use ice packs on her to try and bring her fever down. It was a long and sad few hours. But she got better and stronger and more herself everyday.

We made her get up and start walking around the unit which she hated at first. All of the nurses and aides were amazing. The staff also kept bringing Bailey things - toys, stickers, blankets - even an American Girl doll. Yes an American Girl doll! Other people were also spoiling this girl. Friends and family from all over sent things or brought things when they visited. The bad part of this was that Bailey thought that anyone visiting her should then bring her something. Spoiled child - although in this case it was pretty deserved. It was a pretty bumpin' hospital room most of the time. My parents came down from Idaho, my sister McKenna and her kids came from Logan, Trevor's parents came from Arizona, my sister in law and niece and nephew came multiple times as well as aunts and uncles and phone calls we received.  Thank you so much for the love, prayers and well wishes. We definitely felt the support. 

Finally Eating!!! We can go home soon!!!


We ended up staying for 5 days and even managed to have some fun times. They have an amazing playroom and music studio that I still think should be open late hours for parents to do karaoke and you better believe I am going to suggest that. Primary Children's does an amazing job of treating the patient, but also treating the parents.  We did have a little bit of a set back a couple weeks ago when Bailey had to get a CT scan to make sure she hadn't developed an abscess as she was having some pretty significant stomach pains, but luckily that was not the case. Just lingering infection and inflammation - so after another round of 2 antibiotics this time - we have been on the mend and are definitely looking forward to Halloween festivities. 

Hopefully we can just focus on scary Halloween things and nothing medical for the rest of the month. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Oh what a night..."

Or weekends. It's been another fun couple of weeks in Smithtown. Trevor went to Vegas for his annual fantasy football draft party with his brothers and friends and so Bailey and myself headed to Idaho for a fun filled weekend with some of my family. Let the sibling and cousin time begin. My sister McKenna came up from Logan with her kids too and we decided we had to go to Bear World. My brother Brinn and his family met us there too. I even was adventurous and rode the new roller coaster - It was surprisingly awesome  and much faster and more fun then it appeared to be.

Trevor at Beatles Love with his brothers

 Another tooth gone. This one came out on the drive home from Idaho. 

First Target purchase - won't be the last :)

The following weekend I went to this amazing drag queen show with my friend Nicole for her birthday. It was so much fun and the queens were so beautiful and talented. I definitely hope to go again. It was really fun having a girls night. But I was super tired the next day. Apparently I am too old to stay out past midnight anymore. Ha.