Thursday, January 9, 2014

"What a feeling...."

...Being's Believing!

Happy January Adventurers!



We hope that everyone had a wonderful and magical December. We definitely did. We were fortunate to be able to go up to Idaho and spend more than a week with my parents and most of my siblings. It was fun, but we definitely missed my sister Kirse and family. We talked, laughed, watched movies, and ate way too much. It was a great time.

Bailey had so much fun playing with her cousins and wasn't overwhelmed at all. She is talking all the time and sometimes she will even perform. Her most recent additions have been 'Santa', 'presents' and all the cousins names and the almost as fun - 'mine'.  It's pretty fun to watch her interact with the big kids and even the one that is younger then her. She only tried to steal his binky a couple times. Bailey has recently decided she is done with her high chair and only wants to eat at the counter sitting on a stool; or sitting on the actual counter. So far this hasn't resulted in any head trauma. We are trying to get her off the bottle (that sounds funny and wrong) and off pacifiers. She seems to understand this and has decided she needs her pacifier all the time. Hopefully she will soon realize that milk in her sippy cup isn't poison and will stop reacting as such. Send happy thoughts our way please.

Bailey's play room is now full of new toys including her new kitchen which I might be more obsessed with then her and some princess things. We try to be relatively gender neutral so she also got a batman toothbrush and some tools as well.

We are excited for 2014 and know it's going to be an amazing year. We wish all of you the best! Stay tuned for our continued adventures.

Working Hard.
Came to mommy's work party! Snow Bailey!

Santa!!! I know him!

Somone likes their new tunnel.

Reindeer Food Time!


Happy Matching Cousins
Somone might have forgotten our stockings...Santa didn't mind.

Is that Mrs. Claus or Grammy? It's Grammy Claus!

Santa Came!
Check out my sweet skates and sled!
One tired Angel. But she nailed her part in the Chrismtas play.
Lights at Temple Square

My spoils from the Granat White Elephant Gift Exchange - Great except that was originally my Sweet Valley High Game.

Playroom with new additions