Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Oh what a night..."

Or weekends. It's been another fun couple of weeks in Smithtown. Trevor went to Vegas for his annual fantasy football draft party with his brothers and friends and so Bailey and myself headed to Idaho for a fun filled weekend with some of my family. Let the sibling and cousin time begin. My sister McKenna came up from Logan with her kids too and we decided we had to go to Bear World. My brother Brinn and his family met us there too. I even was adventurous and rode the new roller coaster - It was surprisingly awesome  and much faster and more fun then it appeared to be.

Trevor at Beatles Love with his brothers

 Another tooth gone. This one came out on the drive home from Idaho. 

First Target purchase - won't be the last :)

The following weekend I went to this amazing drag queen show with my friend Nicole for her birthday. It was so much fun and the queens were so beautiful and talented. I definitely hope to go again. It was really fun having a girls night. But I was super tired the next day. Apparently I am too old to stay out past midnight anymore. Ha.