Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Don't stop 'till you get enough..."

Snow White
 So many of you know how much I love Michael Jackson and Fairy Tales, and I was able to combine both with my fun hyperbaric oxygen treatments this week. It may look fun (and it is) but I am not going to lie - I am not looking forward to a possible 18 more 2+ hour long treatments. I also received a fun wound vac this week that is attached to my person all the time. So the disgusting factor continues to climb. Luckily, it is relatively small, has a black case, and can be hidden in a large purse. The worst and weirdest part of the oxygen treatments is the fact that you cannot wear any makeup or lotions or anything that is potentially flammable. So I don't look at cute as I would like, but I do want to heal so I suppose I can make the sacrifice. Hopefully between the treatments and the vac I can heal quickly or become a platinum recording artist, or have a prince find me. The best news is that Trevor no longer has to look or deal with my wound and that makes him pretty happy.

Lucky for us, my mom has come down to help take care of Bailey so that I can go to my daily treatments. Bailey gets cuter and cuter everyday and is DEFINITELY worth it!

Is she calling me a loser?!?

What an adorable family!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And the Beat Goes On...

Well adventurers, the saga continues. As some of you may know, my c-section was not healing great and it reached an all time level of lameness this week when I was instructed that it was going to need to be re-opened entirely and I was going to need surgery. So off to the hospital we all went. This just teaches me not to tempt fate by uttering the phrase, "it can't get much worse..." So apparently this whole situation was brought upon myself :)

So now we are home and Trevor has the privilege of dressing my open 7-inch incision. I am disgusting, but what can you do?! It must be love - or guilt - or maybe a combination of both that helps Trevor get through the dressing changes. Or more likely the possibility that regardless of how great our insurance is that the two daily home nurse visits might not be covered.

Everything's fine, I'm recovering and Bailey is, of course, fantastic. (The only thing I need now is a pedicure!) 

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you are as excited as we are for this bound-to-be-a-fun-filled year to come!

                                                                        Hospital Fun!!

                                                                         Help Me!!

                                                                    Daddy's Little Girl

                  The Utes won their bowl game, Bailey was so excited! TOUCHDOWN!!!