Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I've been with you such a long time..."

"...You're my sunshine and I want you to know. That my feelings are true, I really love you.
Oh you're my best friend!"

Trevor and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and decided to do something we have never done. We went away for the weekend - just us. Even before we had Bailey we had never gone anywhere just to hang out with each other. Not that we don’t like each other, but it always seemed kind of silly to us as we are with each other every day. With the help of my sister McKenna; we left Bailey in Logan to play with her cousins and play with her auntie and uncle while we went to Bear Lake. We stayed at this great little “boutique hotel” called the Inn at Snow Meadows and it was amazing. The owners and staff were beyond delightful and adorable and we definitely hope to go back.

We went horseback riding and to the beach; although the surprising snow and wind kept us from spending too much time at the beach or outdoors. We ate some delicious food and had a wonderful time being together. We had an unfortunate honeymoon which is really funny now, but at the time was pretty sad. Basically, I got really sick and we ended up coming back to Utah sooner than planned and then discovered that I had strep throat and a double ear infection. There is more to the honeymoon story that I am happy to share - just ask, but be prepared it involves vomit and more. Ha. So needless to say - we definitely needed and deserved a do-over. :)

Beautiful Wildflowers
During our Ride - Gorgeous

First Face Painting - I think she liked it!

"I want to jump mommy!" (Now said all the time)

Unfortunately, the tradition of someone getting sick on a trip like this happened to Miss Bailey. She spiked a fever Saturday night and was not feeling her best come Sunday, so we headed back just a bit sooner to pick her up and head home. I then spent the next few days with a very cuddly and slightly feverish girl who then had several bumps show up. Come to find out that someone at her daycare kindly gave her impetigo - so now after a week of antibiotics and special ointment - she is now feeling and looking better. Just in time for the upcoming Granat Family Assembly next week.

It was also Father’s Day and we are so grateful for our own Father’s and Grandfather’s and other Fathers we are lucky to know. I am glad that Bailey has such a great dad in Trevor. He loves being a dad and is great with her. I love it when they play together. They just make each other laugh and have such fun together and it makes me really happy. Thanks Trevor for being such a good, fun and loving daddy.

Summer is definitely going to be hot and fun filled. Bailey is happy and is even more obsessed with the movie Frozen (Let it Go) and princesses lately. So bring on the girly fun. Stay tuned for the report on the Granat happenings. Stay hydrated and we will be in touch soon.