Monday, August 20, 2012

“And She’ll Have Fun, Fun Fun…..”

It’s that time of year again where I am so happy that summer is ending because I am not a fan of the hot weather. It also means ‘Back to School’ for many, and for our household… the start of the football season. Trevor has managed to get NFL Sunday ticket for free again this year which makes the entire Smith household giddy with anticipation. (I have a feeling that Bailey and I will spend a lot of time upstairs on Sunday’s). Actually, my sister McKenna and I are playing fantasy football this year in one of Trevor’s leagues. Our strategy during the draft was to choose players with fun names and/or who we thought were cute. Our team name is “It’s Showtime Synergy” (Thank you, Jem and the Holograms) and fits in great with the other 9 men’s fantasy teams, I am sure.  Trevor and my brother in law are just hoping that this makes us even more interested in Football fun this year. (I will let you know what happens). Trevor is also excited to attend the University of Utah’s opening football game with his dad. GO UTES!!

It has been a great few weeks full of other family fun and family reunions for both sides of Trevor’s family. We got to show off Bailey, have fun with cousins, and spend more time with Trevor’s parents who got back in the beginning of July from Thailand. Janis (Trevor’s mom) and Bailey got quite a bit of ‘rock-a-bye’ time in which was great. Bailey is doing well with trying new foods. She loves pears, peaches, and squash. But she really seems to not be a fan of peas. I can hardly believe that she is almost 9 months old! Time is flying! Not to brag, but she is still the best and happiest baby ever. (Even outsiders agree). However, I have posted a picture of her sad, because it does occasionally happen and I think it is kind of funny. She continues to move and groove and I think that she will probably be one of those kids who never crawl, but go right to walking. She is also a talker, which I am sure will come as a huge surprise to everyone…since I am her mother. She has a lot to talk about, but I think most of it is about how great I am, and how much fun we have together. Ha! Seriously though, I love being a mom. She is the best thing I have ever done and I am so beyond grateful that we have her in our life. It was a struggle getting her here, and then we had even more troubles after she got here, but she is completely worth all of that and more!  Trevor and I have even managed to go to the movies twice in the last few weeks, thanks to willing friends wanting to spend time with Miss B. It’s important to stay in touch with pop culture right?

Have a great last few weeks of summer and August everyone. We are excited to see family in Idaho in a few weeks and meet my new nephew, Austin. I am sure there will be stories and photos to share from that Granat fun. Let’s get this party started quickly…..right?! Until then…

It doesn't happen very often...but she does get sad sometimes. Isn't it funny?

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!! (we had to buy the football outfit in the boys sexist!)

Leave on a mission, come home to a new grand-baby!

Don't worry, this is how she is most of the time.

Cute cousins!

Pretty in pink.

Came downstairs on a Sunday afternoon to this....when do I get a nap?!

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  1. And we're gonna win that blue ribbon! We totally have the BEST team...I saw a Jersey today at TJ Maxx for one of our players. Great great blog post....oh and of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bailey as always. Kisses from Auntie :)